Monitor Consul using Prometheus and Grafana

Consul as DNS to reduce the latency from client to server. reference:

Start Consul

"telemetry": {
"prometheus_retention_time": "480h",
"disable_hostname": true

Configuration in prometheus

- job_name: consul
honor_timestamps: true
scrape_interval: 15s
scrape_timeout: 10s
metrics_path: '/v1/agent/metrics'
scheme: http
format: ["prometheus"]
- targets:
- <consulserver1>:8500
- <consulserver2>:8500
groups:- name: consul.rulesrules:- alert: ConsulServiceHealthcheckFailedexpr: consul_catalog_service_node_healthy == 0for: 1mlabels:severity: criticalannotations:summary: Consul service healthcheck failed (instance {{ $labels.instance }})description: "Service: `{{ $labels.service_name }}` Healthcheck: `{{ $labels.service_id }}`\n  VALUE = {{ $value }}\n  LABELS = {{ $labels }}"- alert: ConsulMissingMasterNodeexpr: consul_raft_peers < 3for: 0mlabels:severity: criticalannotations:summary: Consul missing master node (instance {{ $labels.instance }})description: "Numbers of consul raft peers should be 3, in order to preserve quorum.\n  VALUE = {{ $value }}\n  LABELS = {{ $labels }}"- alert: ConsulAgentUnhealthyexpr: consul_health_node_status{status="critical"} == 1for: 0mlabels:severity: criticalannotations:summary: Consul agent unhealthy (instance {{ $labels.instance }})description: "A Consul agent is down\n  VALUE = {{ $value }}\n  LABELS = {{ $labels }}"




SRE | DevOps | Software Architect

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Irene W

Irene W

SRE | DevOps | Software Architect

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